The Singles

June 21, 2017

Driver's License.

The time has finally come. If everything goes according to plan, this July I'll starting having driving classes for the first time ever. And I'm honestly quite curious and motivated about the whole thing. It's something that a lot of people that I know have gone through and I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like for me. I'm honestly not interested in cars (or driving) by any means, but I'm really looking forward to take that step towards adulthood. To get myself in the right mindset I've been telling myself things like "how hard can It be?" or "If person X, Y and Z did it, then you can do it as well", and it's been helpful. And now that I'm officially done with college, I can focus on that entirely. It will definitely be cool to learn about something completely new, that I know nothing about, but that I know will be extremely useful for my entire life. I just wanna start the actual classes as soon as possible, so I can get into it and start studying. I'm pumped, man.